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Leaking Sinks & Basins

Leaking sink or a leaking basin can cause damage and potential health issues.

Avoid expensive cabinet replacements and health issues arising from mouldy timber.  Most leaks under a sink or basin are simply replacement seals and are generally cheap to fix if addressed early.  If you have concerns about moisture being in the wrong areas call us now for a fast repair.


Blocked Drains

Same Day Trusted Service

At times Basins, Sinks, Showers, Toilets and other Plumbing Fixtures may become blocked or clogged.  There are numerous reasons for these obstructions from hair to tree roots, some obstructions are in the waste of the fixture itself leading to generally a relatively easy fix others can be in the main drain requiring a more extensive clearing.  We will come inspect and diagnose the problem and its location and advise you of the likely cost before proceeding further.   If your happy to proceed we have all the equipment to fix the problem today.

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